The Strategic Blueprint

This is the first thing that I do with all my clients - Taking your ideas and creating a strategy to map out their vision!

This is a huge part of helping you to achieve your goals.  Knowing what to do and when, working on the right things at the right time for YOUR business.

A brief overview...

As the CEO, you are expected to have all the ideas, to be the leader and to know the path to take.  Having the ideas is fine, but sometimes it's overwhelming and you're not sure what the next step is to put those ideas into action or which one to start on first.
Then there are the questions you ask yourself: What systems do I need to use?  Who in my team do I need?  How do I work out my budget?  Will this even work?  So many questions but you have no-one to ask them to.  You could do with someone to bounce your ideas off.
You need me! Your strategic partner.

I'm here to get all your ideas out of your head and to help you gain clarity on what needs to be done to reach your goals.   
After our sessions, you will walk away with a clear, 90-day plan of action to help you grow and scale!

This truly is an investment in you and your business.  It's the first step to a strategic growth plan that you CAN achieve.


The Seven Objectives

During the Process, we will cover the following seven objectives, the seven pillars of all businesses, big or small.

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Business Growth & Financials

If you have money coming into your business, then you tend not to focus on it.  When funds are tight, it is a high focus.  I will help you work out your financial goals, assign a realistic time to reach those goals, help you with tracking, check your systems and work out what is missing.

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How exactly do potential clients see you?  Do you advertise?  Is it word of mouth?  Marketing?  I help you work out where you want to show up and what areas you can leverage from how you currently show up to how you want to.

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Product Development & Innovation

What products or services do you currently offer and what do you want to offer on top of this?  I help you plan and decide what you continue with and look at how it can be more attractive to your clients whilst being different from your competitors.

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Operational Efficiencies

The key to running your business with more EASE!  Making sure those systems and processes are in place, having procedures and automations and making sure that everything runs smoothly within your team.  Do you know how to streamline your business?  I'll show you how.

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Scaling & Team Growth

Do you use your team members to the best of THEIR abilities?  Do you try to do things because you think you'll do it better?  Working out where you need help, who is capable of doing that and where you need to get in a specialist is key here.

Client 6

Customer / Client Experience

We know the importance of looking after new clients, but what about the ongoing management of existing clients?  This is where setting up a onboarding and offboarding system and ensuring the systemised management of current clients is key.

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Professional & Personal Growth

You're all things to all people, but how do you stay on top of everything you need to know?  Having a mentor can be life-changing, but keeping abreast of current market trends via memberships or conferences, reading personal development books and setting your own boundaries can make a huge difference to your business and wellbeing.

How it works

There are three steps to the Strategic Blueprint.

Step 1.

The first thing to do is define your Mission, Vision and Values.  This isn't something that can be skipped over and I always ask each business owner to spend some time on this to really understand who you want to work with and where you want to go with your business.

This is something that you can do before our call, or if you are not confident to do it on your own or time is an issue, we can work on this together, but it is vital that we complete it before we can move on - you will need to trust the process!

Step 2.

On our next call, we look at the Strategic Objectives as shown above.  These are the pillars of any business and this call is about finding out what they are, prioritising them and then breaking them down into actionable tasks.


Together we will work out what is important and what is not over the next 12 months and you will walk away from this session with the outline plans of a ClickUp board for you and your team to work from.

Step 3.

Step 3 is where we create your 90-day plan.  I love this session as it is the amalgamation of everything we have done up to that point and it is amazing to see the weight lift off my client's shoulders.  Your plan is now complete and it's time for ACTION!

I always encourage you to get your team involved in these plans and a huge part of my role as a DOO is to work with my clients teams and make sure that they are completing the steps required.

Usually, we complete the steps with 2-3 meetings of 90-120 minutes each call.   There is a need for further information during this process and we have a 3-4 day break between calls.

PLEASE NOTE:  I will need to know your figures, your goals/vision and all about your team as well as other areas to do with those seven strategies.  If you are not comfortable releasing that information to me, I'll be blunt, this won't work.  However, I can assure you that this will be completely confidential and that it will just be between us on our calls unless you want someone else to be present.
You will be amazed at the growth you will receive from this complete session.

Total Investment starts from £895.00

This truly is an investment in you and your business.  It's the first step to a strategic growth plan that you CAN achieve.


Frequently Asked Questions


So, what does it entail?

The Strategic Blueprint is a system where we 'deep dive' into each of the 7 pillars of any business, commonly known as your Strategic Objectives:  Finance & Business Growth, Visibility, Product Development, Operational Efficiencies, Team Growth & Scaling, Customer Experience and Professional/Personal Growth.  

Think of the strategic objectives mentioned above as your board of directors - they keep you accountable for each pillar of your business.


What's in it for me?

Clarity, Direction and a Plan for Growth!

I want you to walk away from this back in control and your team focused on the deliverables that move the business forward.

Getting everything down into a clear, concise plan for growth is HUGE!  

I start by turning what I call your 'brain dump' into into a strategic 90-day plan where you can visually see your ideas mapped out, allowing you and your team to prioritise on what is important and to follow your business dreams.


Do I need to sign up or pay for ClickUp?

ClickUp is my Project Management Tool of choice and I create your plan within it. 

When you sign up, you will be invited to the board and you will have to provide your details to get access - don't worry though, you will not have to pay anything.

we will work on it together within my system, but once completed, I will send it to you to keep on your own ClickUp system.


What if I can't remember everything?

Don't worry, I record all of our calls and these will be available to you on ClickUp and as a download for 30 days.

You also have access to me via Voxer for a further 10 days for any minor questions you may have and I will respond within 24 hours (during opening hours only).


Can you help me manage this plan?

I would love to be able to assist you further and help you achieve your goals with my DOO Operations Management.


If you are sick of being in charge of all things and you really want to get back to what you love, whilst still being in control of your business, then let's book a call!