Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you ready to Ditch that Overwhelm and move on with Clarity and Direction, to enable you to Scale Up?

I know that right now, you are stuck in the doing and you just want it to stop.  You want to be able to enjoy your business again, to feel that passion you had when you first started out!

That's why I'm here, to help you reignite that passion, to work towards making that impact you desire. 


Let's start by getting you the Clarity and Direction you need.  I'll work with you to create an easy to manage Plan of Action for your team to get those important tasks done and off your plate!  

But is that really all it takes?

  • Maybe you're still not sure if your team are ready, even with a plan? 

  • Maybe you're worried about managing your team and have take the time to work on your business?

  • Maybe you still need to build your team and get the right people in?

  • Or maybe you're just overwhelmed at the thought of even starting!


Then let me help by taking charge of your operations and make them work for you; profitably, efficiently, ethically and consistently.

I'm making it my mission to help you, yes you - the six-figure female CEO who is doing it all.  I want you to move from frustrated and swamped to being organised and excited.

I want to help you feel hopeful, relieved and empowered and provide a clear, concise and simple plan of action to help you scale and organise your business, working at your side as your strategic partner.

Let me help you with what to do next!

I'm here to help you remove that overwhelm and create a plan for you to grow and thrive!

I've built my business around my client's needs.  I know that they are looking for the clarity of what to do next and the freedom from needing to do it themselves.


But what does that mean for you? 

Freedom and Clarity are where I begin.  I look at what is needed to achieve that and then build your plan from there.  For each area of need, I want to make the biggest impact for you.  To ensure your Values are met, I make sure that your Growth aligns with those values, which in turn moves you towards your desired Success.  To make sure that you are working to your Mission, I need to create Structure and Support within your Strategy.


Let's create your FREEDOM and CLARITY together!


The Strategic Blueprint

This is the very first thing that I do with all my clients - Taking their ideas and creating a strategy to map out their vision!

It is a must for me to understand where they are and what they want to achieve and is a huge part of helping them achieve their goals.  Knowing what to do and when, working on the right things at the right time .

People Management

Managing & growing your team and getting them invested in your mission and vision with the correct onboarding and systems in place.

Your team is your business, but are they working to the best of their abilities and are they invested in your vision? 

Do they even know your vision?

Having a team that is invested to help you grow is priceless.

Operations Management

Removing the overwhelm and managing the back end of your business is key to allowing you space to grow your vision.

Are you doing all the running around and management for your business?  Do you set up your own systems? 


Let me manage that for you and allow you space to breathe!

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About Denise

I'm Denise and I'm a Certified Director of Operations - I'm the strategic partner to women who are struggling to get everything done, to manage their team and grow their business all on top of their busy personal lives. I'm that middle man (woman), managing the team, ensuring the to-do list gets done and making sure everything runs smoothly while they skyrocket their business.


A bit about me... I'm a tea person, coffee is OK, but tea is my lifeforce.  A hot, strong builders tea with one sugar and I'm happy (I know, but it's my only vice!)

I'm married with two children and now have two amazing grandchildren too, who I adore.  I'm an avid fan of Formula 1 and when it's on, you won't get much sense out of me as I'm cheering and shouting at the TV.

I began my business in 2019 as a Virtual Assistant after moving out of corporate life, where I managed teams and HR departments, set up systems and created processes. 

I started out with the idea to support any business or solo entrepreneur with their operational needs, but over time I realised that I wanted to support women in the online space.

Now I support them with the strategy and operations procedures, making them work profitably, efficiently, ethically and consistently!



A little more about Denise...

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Pie, Mash & Liquor


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Architect of Change



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The Advocate



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Cup of Strong Tea


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Our Mission & Values

I'm a great believer in knowing your Mission, Vision and Values - without them, how do you know who you want to help and how?  While your Vision will be personal to you, your Mission and Values should be shouted from the rooftops.

Our Mission Statement is clear - We help accomplished, female entrepreneurs to move from overworked and overwhelmed to calm and creative by managing their people, processes and systems.   We help them redefine their role as the CEO they envisioned themselves to be so they can create the impact they always wanted to achieve. 

We love to work with people who have the same or similar values as us and believe it's imperative to create an easy and comfortable working environment. Our team are the same as, having values that align provides a space where we can talk easily, knowing that the other person gets where you are coming from.


Our Key Values are Honesty, Gratitude, Passion, Empathy, Kindness, Collaboration and above all else Support - I believe that with support comes the foundation to build great things and it is something I am always offering when I can.

Does your mission and values align with ours? Let's have a chat!

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What people are saying...

Often with little explanation and instruction, Denise knew just what and how best to tackle situations.  Nothing too much of a problem and tasks always done with a smile.  I'll forever be grateful for all that she did to keep things orderly as we grew our business.

Jill Brandenburg - House Doctor

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